Java Technologies


Introduction: The course is designed to impart knowledge and skills required to solve real world problems using object-oriented approach utilising Java Language Constructs. This course covers the subject in two parts viz Java language and Java Library.


  • NIELIT qualified.
  • BE/B.Tech/ MCA/PGDCA.
  • Computer literate with good programming skill in C /C++.

Block Syllabus: 1.Introduction to Java 2.Data type, variables and arrays 3.Operators 4.Control statement 5.Introduction classes and objects 6.Inheritance 7.Packages and Interfaces 8.Exception Handling 9.Multithreaded programming 10.I/O, Applets and Other topics 11.String handling 12.Exploring Java Language 13.The Utility classes 14.Input/ Output- Exploring Java I/O 15.Networking 16.The Applet class 17.Swing 18.Images 19.Java database connectivity (JDBC)