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More & more Japanese companies relocating India due to age old good relationship between the two countries & by the advent of next year lots of Japanese investors have shown their inclination to invest in India for its abundant raw material reserve & maximum youth concentration on human resource, apart from a huge potential market to sell its produce & export to other Asian countries. "How our children could be trained in Japanese language & culture to get them prepare for the workplace demand during this pandemic lockdown even through online classes, said Kunna Dash, Chandra Sekhar Academy Japanese Language Centre President. He appealed educational institutions to join his language centre for the overall transformation of youth skill facilitating employment op- portunities in Japanese companies in Japan as well as in India. And it has been the best time to concentrate online classes hassle free, he added. "Students learn the foundation course in 4 months' time. The online class has been designed to cater the needs of the students due to pandemic lockdown. Native teachers take classes for better pronunciation & accent. All the study materials are sent on web & they can download & access them in their free time; we provide them with a password. The course fee has been made affordable too. Students will be having placement in Japanese companies in Japan as well as in India after successful completion of this course."Benefits of students & implementing institutions."Students shall have increasing demand in Japan as well as Japanese companies in India & Japan if they are adequately trained in Japanese language & culture. That too, in the present scenario a large number of Japanese companies spreading across shall be relocating to India or to Japan demanding huge workforce in varied fields. "Japanese companies & our governments shall have prime focus on the institutions those who introduce Japanese language & culture because most of the investors shall seek manpower according to the requirement of their workplaces. Now all the state governments are focussing on them to attract Japanese investors & so your institution will be on limelight."Why with us?" I've got 30 years of experience in Japan and I know exactly what's the need of their workplace. We provide native teachers & the habitat to understand it in a precise & wholesome way. Apart from these we can provide all types of support during & after placement which is hardly extended by other institutions. More so, you've state of the art infrastructure, students & we have native teachers & study materials; all it needs to initiated. Why not start it as early with as less as 5 students even to mark the humble beginning of this noble endeavor. Now students can have online classes hassle free. Though it starts small, it can have big business deals ahead & together the bridge between India & Japan can be still widened. Let's start it today for a new dawn tomorrow.

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Students those who have been enrolled in Techno India-Chandra Sekhar Academy ( TICSA ) for NIELIT A-level (1.5 year) or O-level (1 year) course & seek for a career in Japan are earnestly advised to undergo Japanese language from the beginning instead of towards the end so that they can have enough flexible time to learn it otherwise you may have less time for your practice & homework.